De Smart Grader EVO!

This Smart Grader EVO is in full swing in Scotland. It is an optical seed potato sorting line that works autonomously with Bijlsma Hercules seed potato line. The result is seed potatoes of the highest possible quality and with very accurate sorting. The automatic sorting process is potato-friendly and saves a lot of labour. A box turner tips the boxes with seed potatoes, after which soil, foliage, stones and clods are sieved out. The seed potatoes are then passed over a brush cleaner and a reading table with rollers. The seed potatoes are then placed in a storage bunker that serves as a buffer for the supply to the SmartGrader 808 EVO, an 8-row optical sorter with 8 sorting exits. There the seed potatoes are sorted into 5 sizes and 2 quality classes and they end up in big bags or boxes of the right sort.

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